Flower bouquet delivery

Flower bouquet delivery


A croquer

There's no need to complicate things. Order your trio now, because nothing says "I love you" like a fine wine, Coffola®-coated hazelnuts and a bouquet of roses. Treat yourself and make this Valentine's Day truly memorable.
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Le passionné

Immerse yourself in the radiance and sweetness of love with a dazzling and unique bottle, a magnificent bouquet and Coffola® ballotins. A delicate experience that will seduce your senses
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Coeur tendre

Immerse yourself in the radiance and sweetness of love with a dazzling, unique bottle, a magnificent bouquet and gourmet Coffola® ballotins. A sensory experience that captures the magic of the moment Price
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Fou de toi

 You've asked for it, you've loved it, and this time, the "Les trois Ours" cuvée comes with a magnificent bouquet of carefully selected roses and a surprising bar of Coffola®. An exceptional wine, elegant flowers and divine Coffola® - because your other half deserves the best.
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The Lisa

Warm and colorful bouquet, a bit wild, composed of spring flowers and bright


Discover Stella. An explosion of colour for an energetic, vitamin-packed bouquet. 
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Fall for Gwen. Explosive colours in a pop, vitamin-packed mix
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Fall for Angèle, our beautiful mix of seasonal flowers in shimmering colors!


How sweet this bouquet seems, Elise. Pastel and romantic mix, profusion of petals and tenderness.


Discover Laurie, our new bouquet of sweetness and tenderness! 
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the Genevois

Do you want to give pleasure or declare your love while supporting local producers? This beautiful GRTA certified tulip bouquet will delight lovers of the Geneva region.

The Sophia

Peach, persian, incarnate, bisque ... A delicate cameo for a generous bouquet where voluptuous branching roses, lisianhus and plain-shaped ranunculus intermingle. Soft and past tones, in a profusion of petals. For a delicate bouquet

The violin

Parma, lila, purple, mauve, byzantium or lavender... A delicate cameo for an airy and slender bouquet. Delicate mix of roses, wax flowers, wallflowers, wild flowers..

The Lavender

Soft colors and wild flowers are the ingredients of this floral poem. Lisianthus and waxflowers brush against each other, eucalyptus and grasses respond. Hues of lavender and peach combine to create a delicate and romantic bouquet.


A hymn to joy and lightness with our Cleo bouquet. Our magical clematis befriend roses, lisianthus and eucalyptus.

Love me tender

Soft and fresh colors for this adorable and soooo romantic bouquet!

Le Julien

A pretty bouquet... of contrast! Opposition hot/cold in a delicate and luminous bouquet

The Wild

So much energy in this bouquet with sumptuous colors! Parma, fuchsia, lavender, apricot and mauve combine in this singular creation.


Spring is back, and with it, a farandole of poetic and wild flowers. Discover Constance, our beautiful pastel and luminous blend.

The Bianca

A floral cloud. In this beautiful effect bouquet, the delicate petals of white roses, the graceful buds of lisianthus, the immaculate whiteness of chrysanthemum, and the lightness of gypsophila intermingle


A little bit of love in this world of brutes! Here is Maya and her warm and deep colors.

Sweet honey

a bouquet with colors as sweet as honey. Discover "Sweet Honey

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Throughout the seasons, discover our beautiful mixed flower bouquets.

Made with care and love, our florists make it a point of honor to compose mixtures of quality flowers, freshness and seasons.

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Our bouquets are delivered throughout Switzerland from Monday to Saturday, except on Sundays and holidays.