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Our florist store is specialized in weddings. It is with emotion, poetry and passion that we organize and flower not far from 60 ceremonies per year. Classic elegance, minimalist, romantic or bohemian chic, vintage ... We make the decor that looks like YOU. In the intimate atmosphere of our boutique, we will weave together the thread of this unforgettable day.

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From the bridal bouquet to the floral arch and the table runner, we create all types of decorations, arrangements and bouquets of flowers. Personalize your wedding dress with floral jewelry and create a symphony of flowers that sings from the ceremony site to the reception hall by blooming your car, the hair of your bridesmaids, the wrists of your mothers and the buttonholes of your gentlemen. The possibilities are endless when it comes to floral decoration and bridal bouquets. There is only one limit: your desires.

Bouvard Fleurs will help you choose all the floral decorations and accessories for your wedding. The choice will be made on the basis of your affinities, your tastes, the season of the wedding and the symbolic meaning of the flowers and plants chosen within your budget.

3 steps to successful floral decorations and a bridal bouquet that reflects your image

In 3 simple steps, Bouvard Fleurs will help you choose all the floral decorations and accessories for your wedding. The choice will be made based on your affinities, your tastes, the season of the wedding and the symbolic meaning of the flowers and plants chosen within your budget. You can make changes in the choice of creations and elements of decorations chosen up to seven days before the wedding.

Step 1: Two months before the wedding

At least two months before the big day, we invite you to contact our florists. Together, we will define the universe you have chosen for your wedding. With the help of photos of our creations and a multitude of flowers in our premises, your aspirations will be mixed with our inspirations to imagine your ideal decor. You can of course come with your own ideas. During the elaboration of your project, we will keep in mind the essence of the place of ceremony and what this last one releases (church, wine domain, private garden) the decoration of a room must be emphasized and especially harmonize with the space which you will have chosen. The whole audience must be able to enjoy it, as soon as they enter.

You will also find in our online store a large choice of products, decoration elements and furniture for rent to dress up the place of the ceremony. Following this appointment, you will receive by email an estimate to validate, adjustable according to your budget. In this quote, you will also receive photos of the selected flowers and decor accessories.


Step 2: One month before the wedding

One month before the event and in order to reserve the date of your wedding in our calendar, you will be asked to pay a deposit in proportion to your project. Your order will remain modifiable thereafter, this gesture simply confirms your commitment to work with us for this so particular day. Please be aware that we sometimes have to refuse weddings during the busiest periods (June and September).

Step 3: One week before the wedding

One week before the wedding, you are still free to modify the quantities and adjust the designs. At this time, we will contact you to work out the final logistical details. The questions that will be asked are the following: delivery locations, installation times, confirmation or modification of the number of arrangements, etc. You will be able to enjoy your wedding with a clear mind, we will take care of the rest.

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Bouvard Fleurs offers you several years of experience in the organization of the floral decoration of the wedding fair organized in the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices in Geneva.

Services offered

- Floral decoration of all kinds and in all places -
- Rental of decorations and furniture -
- Delivery to the various preparation, worship and reception venues -

In order to perfect the atmosphere without having to call upon several service providers, your floral decorations can also be installed by us. The time of installation on the spot is charged 80 per hour and per person mobilized. We also take care of collecting the arrangements once the party is over, for the price of a delivery.

For floral creations, the price of flowers varies according to the season and each wedding is different. It is therefore impossible for us to articulate a price before the first appointment. Deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday morning. Their prices vary according to the distance in the canton of Geneva. For all deliveries outside this area, this will be evaluated according to the size of the convoy, but we can deliver in all the French-speaking Switzerland. The installation of the decorations on the spot is invoiced at 70 CHF per hour per person mobilized. Concerning the rented elements, you have the possibility to keep the containers the week following the ceremony in order to enjoy the flowers. However, you will be asked to return them by the following Friday at the latest, in order to have them in our possession for a future wedding. Any returns not made within this time frame or any damage will be charged.

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The history of the bridal bouquet and wedding flowers

If the main thread of the D-day is often dictated by the place of the ceremony, it is also often the bride's bouquet that sets the trend of the day! A key piece in the collective wedding imagination, the bridal bouquet continues to feed passions and has a rich history. It is often the piece that will require the most care. If it takes today new and sometimes more original forms, sometimes jewels, sometimes wild, between dried flowers, reduced size or XXL, the bouquet of Madam evolves, but keeps its aura. Here is a small summary of the history of the bridal bouquet, which may help you make your choice.

Some people date the appearance of the bridal bouquet back to ancient times. It is said that at that time women carried a bouquet of aromatic herbs such as thyme or chives with them on their wedding day, plants that were supposed to protect the young couple from evil spirits. It is said that the tradition of the bridal bouquet was imported to our latitudes in the Middle Ages, at the time of the Crusades. At that time, weddings were celebrated in spring due to the proliferation of flowers, a season conducive to the composition of a beautiful country bouquet! In the XVIIIᵉ and XIXᵉ centuries, orange blossoms were the highlight of bouquets, due to their robustness and sweet smell. This characteristic made it almost impossible for the flower to lose its petals. The bouquets were then dried and put under a bell on red or blue velvet cushions, thus becoming a witness of the marital life. They were thus part of this tradition of conservation of the various accessories of marriage.

In the XXth century, the function of the bouquet evolves, and the purely aesthetic aspect is seen competing with a symbolic side: it synthesizes in a sense the enviable character of the situation of the bride, who reaches the love and the most complete happiness. The bouquet thus becomes the object of all covetousness, which is reflected in the famous bouquet toss, which, according to tradition, allows the lucky bride to be promised an engagement and an imminent marriage in turn.

Today, the time is for originality and personalization: the bouquet represents the style of the couple embracing it, it must be a creation in its own right and assume its role as iconographic representative. Like all other elements of the wedding, it evolves with the trends. For the years to come, the bridal bouquet will be even wilder, but also more durable, especially in dried and stabilized flowers. The couples we meet are more and more expressing their wish to be able to keep this exceptional piece, like their ancestors, centuries before them!

For the groom's boutonniere, we select a flower from the bride's bouquet, as a reminder, to be worn near the heart.

With the great fashion of country chic, the brides' hairstyle is also wilder and decorated with flowers. Tiaras, headbands, minimalist crowns, barrettes and flowers scattered throughout the hair have become a must. We make these floral jewels with pleasure, and we show dexterity, an unequalled know-how and meticulousness to assemble, braid and tame the smallest flower. Orchid blossom, mini-branch, white gypsophila, lily flower, berry, delicate greenery? Indulge yourself!

When it comes to decorating your reception hall, we always try to develop the following points during the meeting: the number of your guests, the layout and shape of the tables, the style of cutlery used, the style and atmosphere of the room, the color of the tablecloths, napkins, service and candles. Finally, we discuss the flowers you want on your tables, the style of the flowers and their durability. We put all our skills at your service, in order to create a harmony and a unique unity, so that the decoration is pleasant and successful.

The art of the table and of receiving is a gesture that we find in every culture, to embellish a moment of conviviality. In the Greco-Roman civilizations, as well as during a good part of the Middle Ages, it was customary, when the nobility received, to scatter flowers on the tablecloth, or to spread them on the ground, under the table of the guests. This multitude of flowers and fragrant foliage such as lavender, rosemary or roses had the role of perfuming the place when the guests trampled the plants.

From the 16th century onwards, with the appearance of new fruits, vegetables and plants, the culinary art and the meals became more and more refined. In Europe, the Baroque period is certainly the most crazy, rich and opulent period where tables are overflowing with a mass of fruits and flowers assembled in sumptuous creations. Gradually, with the abandonment of the French service fashion, for the Russian service fashion, the space on the table was freed up to allow for the easy placement of baskets of flowers. Nowadays, flowers take more importance on the table and voluminous decorations are presented thanks to saddles, or ceramic containers especially for this purpose.

Entertaining is still a time-honored tradition and flowers are often an integral part of the table setting. Whether you choose a small or large table decoration, with simple or sophisticated flowers, it is always the perfect complement to a meal. Whether it's an intimate gathering of a few guests or a large gathering for a more formal event, flowers add a touch of delicacy and cheerfulness to the entire table.

As for the colors, the choice of a judicious harmony is of course necessary, but feel free to express and realize YOUR desires. Over the years, the delicate art of marriage has been moving away from the traditional "all white" look. Nowadays, pink and white virginal have given way, and it is no longer rare to see ceremonies decorated with floral arrangements in singular shades, such as burgundy, plum, terra-cotta or duck blue.

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