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Gift Delivery


LOVE" planting card

A fun, poetic and sensitive stationery brand. Made in Lausanne, these pretty cards made of recycled paper contain flower seeds, which germinate once the card is planted
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A few words" planting card

A fun, poetic and sensitive stationery brand. Made in Lausanne, these pretty cards made of recycled paper contain flower seeds, which germinate once the card is planted
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Happiness" planting card

A fun, poetic and sensitive stationery brand. Made in Lausanne, these pretty cards made of recycled paper contain flower seeds, which germinate once the card is planted

Heart balloon

Looking for love? Want to get the message across? Take a step up with our heart balloons!
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Mom" card the Bisonettes

Would you like to write a little note to your beloved mother? Discover our collection of handmade cards by the stationery brand "Les Bisonettes"
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In addition to flowers, we offer a number of other 'little extras' in our shop and on our website, which you can add to your bouquet or arrangement at any time. At Bouvard Fleurs, it is important to us to work with local producers and craftsmen. As much as possible, we want to highlight the wonders of the Geneva region. Wine, chocolate, honey, biscuits, candles and various stationery items "made in Switzerland" have found their place in our wide range. 

Here is a brief overview of our current favourites.

A story of family and wine

Would you like to accompany your bouquet with a good bottle? Do you have an event to celebrate? Let's take a look at the sparkling wine of the Dupraz family.

With Eva, Maxime and Sébastien Dupraz, each grape variety and each terroir has its own story to tell, freely and fully. Their work as winemakers is inspired by respect for the family and wine-making traditions of the region. Founded in 1930, the estate has been passed down for four generations and is located in the heart of Soral, a small village in the Geneva champagne region. The 43 plots of the estate cover 11 hectares, spread over five communes: Soral, Laconnex, Lully, Sézenove and Saint-Julien-en-Genevois. Their terroirs, with their particularities, allow the cultivation of 17 different grape varieties, from the most classic, due to tradition, to those more recently introduced in Geneva.

At Bouvard Fleurs, we offer the "Blanc de Blanc" wine from the Domaine des Chevalières, matured using the traditional method. On the palate, complex aromas of white flowers, almonds and brioche reach our taste buds. These flavours are reinforced by the fine bubbles due to the many months of maturation on laths.

This sparkling wine will go very well with a fruit dessert, a white fish or during festivities and as an aperitif.

Honey and Bees 

The story begins with a swarm of bees that fell in her garden... This is how her relationship with bees began in 2013. After the surprise, Stéphanie Vuadens had to get used to the two hives installed on the roof of her house and, above all, to overcome her fears and prejudices about these little creatures who, in the end, paid little attention to her existence. She is quickly fascinated by this buzzing society that develops in harmony around the queen; by this ancestral know-how that she does not take long to master.

But Stéphanie is a "jusqu'auboutiste". She doesn't just want to be a beekeeper. She seeks to conjugate honey in the "plus-que-parfait". Without compromising on quality, she always selects specific and healthy sites, close to flower fallows, fruit trees and forests, in order to offer as much diversity as possible to her bees. She works hand in hand with Geneva farmers who accept her hives on their land and facilitate their integration by choosing varieties of flowers likely to further improve the quality of her honeys.

The tone is set as soon as the jar is opened; that of humility. In her words, Stéphanie "only accompanies these marvellous creatures that are the bees, which naturally forage in our fields and wild meadows in Geneva". 

This authentic honey, 100% raw from the hive, goes directly from the natural wax combs to your honeypot, without any intermediary. 

Bees are essential to our ecosystem, to our life and to our agriculture. It is essential and urgent to protect them. Beekeeper Stéphanie Vuadens offers the possibility of

to become a sponsor of a bee colony. By sponsoring a beehive, you personally invest in the preservation of our environment: with each sponsorship, she undertakes to introduce a new beehive into the Geneva countryside, i.e. a colony of 40 000 bees. At Bouvard, we are now the happy sponsors of a Perlysian swarm, whose harvest we have been offering in our shop and on our website since 2022! An original and nice gift, for all the lovers of this small corner of the canton.

A craving for chocolate

Gourmet or gourmande?  A desire for chocolate with your beautiful flower bouquet? Let yourself be tempted by our selection of 12 chocolates from the house of Stettler. Based in the city of Geneva, the house founded in 1947 by Paul Stettler has been making high quality traditional chocolates for 70 years. Awarded a prize in 1954 in Bern for the quality of its products, the Stettler house has continued to perpetuate tradition and know-how throughout the last decades. Its reputation has spread far beyond the borders of Switzerland to become a worldwide reference. 

Stettler's master chocolatiers are committed to a culture of excellence and express their competence through the gourmet pleasures they create, with a passion that never wanes. This professional competence is based on a true knowledge of traditions and a perfect mastery of production techniques. In addition, all their raw materials are chosen with the greatest care and comply with drastic specifications (taste quality, respect for tradition and know-how, working conditions, environmental protection, etc.). The rare, the unique, the best for the benefit of the perfumes and flavours.

But also ... 

Discover the poetic and sensitive work of Martha and the "Faire-part à part" brand

In her workshop for the creation of wedding and birth announcements, invitations and visual aids of all kinds, stationery and decorations for various events, Martha writes, composes, prints, elaborates and plays with words. A jack-of-all-trades, passionate, funny and sincere, since 2006 she has been developing a range of wildly natural stationery, made from recycled paper. Approved know-how, great creativity, a love of detail, the joy of doing a passionate job, for big and small occasions! Martha's beautiful words are born in Lausanne, in her workshop, and blossom in a range of 3 variations of pretty cards to be planted on our website. In our shop in Perly-Certoux, you will also find her textile creations (bodysuit, bib, pouch), her photo books, and a multitude of beautiful cards where you can in turn write the most beautiful words. Let yourself be charmed!

"Made by V" is its cards that sublimate life, in large and small formats!

Plants, insects, animals of all kinds, anatomy plates, poetic texts, Véronique's imagination knows no bounds. A talented silk-screen printer, (among other things!) in love with beautiful things, she delicately prints a very beautiful range of cards and envelopes that we have the pleasure of offering in our shop. With each new season, you will have the pleasure to find her new products, made with the heart and the love of the handmade.

But also ... 


Anita and the "Bisonettes", a story of travel and nature

Born in the United States, Anita left her native Long Island to come and live in France, for love, a few years ago. She has now settled in Haute-Savoie, a stone's throw from Geneva, where she regularly gives drawing lessons. Simple and sunny, she likes to take advantage of the nature that surrounds her and that serves as a daily source of inspiration. She draws a lot in a sketchbook or on her iPad, and then transforms the drawings from her colourful imagination into digital prints, greeting cards, stickers, magnets or pins. She also has a passion for linocut printing and enjoys sharing her skills with others by giving workshops. Roses, tulips, wildflowers and lush greenery are delicately interwoven on greetings, birthday and special occasion cards, printed entirely in her studio. Anita's colourful and flowery range of greeting cards can be found exclusively in our Perly-Certoux shop. 

A candle festoon 

Would you like to offer a refined gift, with the gourmet scent of chocolate or rose, champagne or citrus, a note of vanilla or wood? Melt for our range of soy wax candles "Beauty Scents". 

Beauty Scents is a brand of handmade natural wax scented candles. Currently, customers can choose from nine different candle designs that vary in size, shape and fragrance. All Beauty Scents candles are handmade in a workshop located in the city of Peterborough, UK. The use of a variety of natural decorative elements, such as cinnamon sticks, dried oranges and rose petals, makes the candles attractive and adds a little touch of originality. This handcrafted company has been in existence since December 2014, and has been offering a wide range of its products and boxes in our shop and on our website since 2018. 

Available on our website and in our shop, discover the French chic of the brand "My jolie Candle".

Surprise... After hours of burning, these scented candles made of vegetable wax with a careful design reveal a fine gold jewel.  Exceptional fragrances, product quality and elegance are the key words. Freesia, Jasmine and musk scents, or even a bed sheet or Tahitian beach, come and choose the candle and the room fragrance that will accompany YOUR moment. 

Gifts that last 

Do you want a gift that lasts? Are you saddened by the ephemeral nature of a flower bouquet?  Does your mother have an artistic soul?

Why not give her a voucher for one of our fantastic flower arranging courses? As the seasons, holidays and plants change, our florists offer you the chance to explore a multitude of floral creations. From the festive centrepiece to the round seasonal bouquet, from the surprising bunch bouquet to the dried flower arrangement, she will discover our secrets and tricks to express her creativity during two hours through the language of flowers.

Our floral workshops are personalised and your mother will be able to choose the date and time of her choice, and to request particular themes. All the material: plants, working tools and aprons, are provided by us. Your mother just needs to come with her desire to create.

The courses take place in our workshops in Perly-Certoux (Canton of Geneva). 

Our address :

Bouvard Fleurs

Route de Base 74

1258 Perly-Certoux


Access by public transport: bus 42, stop Certoux, Village

If your mother comes by car, parking spaces are available.

Reservation by phone or by mail at :  

phone +41 22 771 48 43

mail to

Does your mother have a green thumb? Does she dream of a luxuriant jungle in her living room? Come and discover our beautiful specimens of green and flowering plants in the shop! Various cacti, crassulas, clusias, philodendrons, orchids, hanging baskets, outdoor plants and flowers, we have the perfect plant for her! 

What's more, we have a beautiful collection of planters to show off your mother's plant! 

Visit Bouvard Flowers to find the perfect gift! 

Our web shop

If you don't have the time to come and admire all our beautiful products in the shop, our web shop is full of gift ideas for delivery anywhere in Switzerland 

Easy, fast, high quality and at attractive prices: It has never been easier to have gifts sent. 

You can also, from our assortment, choose to accompany your bouquet with a good bottle of Genevan wine, or why not, a delicious box of chocolate eggs, made in the canton with passion and know-how. 

The distributor:

If you are unable to visit our shop on the day, we have two flower dispensers available for you to use 24/7 (in Perly-Certoux and Carouge). During this busy period, our teams of employees take turns to ensure that the dispensers are always filled with our most beautiful creations. 

Accessible every day and at all hours of the day, composed of mixed flowers, roses, seasonal and regional flowers, our bouquets are stored in a controlled environment, in order to guarantee you freshness and durability. We constantly renew our floral arrangements. The water is changed at regular intervals and the flowers are changed daily. Our bouquets are accessible to all budgets.  ( from 20.- to 40.- CHF).