Delivery of Rose Bouquets

Delivery of Rose Bouquets


The "Many"

I love you, a little, a lot, madly! You want to declare your love? This pretty bouquet of 9 roses without fuss is ideal!


What if passion got involved? Offer this beautiful bouquet without any doubt!

the "A la folie

We love this beautiful bouquet of red roses. For THE statement!

Red Rose

The red rose is the emblem of passionate, lasting and boundless love. Choose it to declare your love!


To say "I love you" or "thank you" with panache! This bright, color-changing rose is ideal for anyone looking for originality.

Pink Orange

A symbol of admiration, passion and enthusiasm, the bright orange rose also represents attachment and friendship

Peach Pink

No matter what your feelings are; enthusiasm, joy, passion, or gratitude, a bouquet of peach roses will get the message across with pep!

Creamy pink

Elegant rose oscillating between cream and white. With its meringue bud, this pretty rose can be offered for any occasion.

White Rose

The white rose symbolizes purity. It expresses peace and sincerity of feelings. It is therefore not necessarily a message of love and can be offered on any occasion.

Rose Rose

Pink is associated with tenderness and happiness. United with white, they symbolize ingenuity, candor, and purity. This rose is a message of hope and sweetness. Its generous bud seems to bloom endlessly.

Pink Mauve

The mauve rose evokes softness and appeasement. It is associated with tenderness and happiness.

the josephine

Delicate josephine... This bouquet of powdered roses revives the expression of garden roses. With its beautiful buds and generous volume, the tenderness of its petals oscillating between pink and cream, this bouquet will please lovers of elegance and sophistication

The wahine

Orange is an invigorating and radiant color. This beautiful variety of rose with its unparalleled brightness will bring warmth and good humor. This rose touchstone is ideal for declaring your love to a sunny and energetic lover!

The Montmarte

To say "I love you", "I think of you" or simply "I adore you" with panache! Discover our "Montmarte" mix. Made up of large peony-like roses with soft, generous buds combined with bright miniature "Sweet Jewel" roses that look like a swarm of butterflies. This bouquet is ideal for those looking for elegance and character.

The Venice

Make a detour to Venice, to see these magnificent roses. How romantic is this profusion of petals! No matter what your feelings are; enthusiasm, joy, passion, or gratitude, a bouquet of peach roses will get the message across with pep and elegance!

The Goa

Imminent departure for Goa! A beautiful invitation to travel that this flamboyant and spicy bouquet! A generous bouquet that makes you dream of elsewhere.

The Cuba

A ray of sunshine! This beautiful colorful bouquet combines yellow and orange-red for a radiant and invigorating effect.

The "passionately"

Emblem of passionate, lasting and boundless love, the red rose is the must-have declaration! Glamorous and baroque, this rose touchstone is ideal for declaring your love!

Order a bouquet of roses and have it delivered to your home from Monday to Saturday

It is our flagship product. The rose, an exceptional flower, symbol of beauty and perfection, is available in a multitude of colours in our company. With more than a hundred varieties, we are able to offer you the best quality, all year round, at an extremely attractive price (from 2.50 CHF per rose). Fragrant roses, roses similar to garden roses, modern varieties, bicoloured roses, branching roses. Bouvard Fleurs invites you to come and choose THE variety that will charm you, directly in our cold room, accessible to private individuals. On the stem or in bunches, accompanied by greenery, or alone, come and compose your sublime bouquet of roses. Tastefully assembled, this is a perfect gift for any occasion. Our experienced florists will be delighted to guide you and compose the most beautiful floral symphony for you.

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But where do these exceptional roses come from? A short trip to the other side of the world is in order.

Bouvard Fleurs has been working closely with Ponte Tresa for twenty years. This Swiss-owned Ecuadorian company, founded in 1985, owns 3 farms in the Andean highlands at an altitude of 2,850 metres. Close to the Cayambe volcano and the magnificent San Pablo lake, enjoying the brightness of the middle of the world and a perfect microclimate, Ponte Tresa grows roses in a multitude of different shades, with long stems, intense colours, brilliant foliage, durability and perfect opening.

 The company is committed to its employees, local communities and the environment. Ponte Tresa is now a pioneer and leader in the cultivation of roses with a true environmental and social conscience. This team of passionate people constantly strive for excellence with integrity and transparency. Their commitment and best practice in reducing environmental impact now leads them to aim for a zero carbon footprint, use clean energy sources and implement efficient packaging to avoid excessive waste and contamination.

On a human level, Ponte Tresa is committed to providing a healthy working environment, support for farm employees, their families and the community. Fully committed to social awareness and responsibility, the company uses its FairTrade premium fund primarily to invest in scholarships, housing credits, micro-credits, food staples, as well as health and training for its workers.

The company also ensures better management of its water needs. Since 2020, Ponte Tresa has invested in a new state-of-the-art system for the irrigation of its fields and for post-harvest (cleaning of machines, warehouses, refrigerators). Producing an organic and 100% biodegradable raw material, the company also limits the residual use of plastic boxes to a minimum (all packaging is made of recycled cardboard). 

For its composting process, the company proceeds as follows; 

All green waste from both the field and post-harvest (leaf removal, flower sorting) is processed through a modern composting system. In 4 weeks, the plantations benefit from an excellent quality compost. This organic matter is permanently returned to the soil of the crops to ensure the health of the soil. This reduces the use of chemical fertilisers by more than 30%, the soil is healthier and the quality of the flowers is constantly improved. 

Regarding its chemical use, Ponte Tresa advocates responsible use: Each year for the past three years, the company has reduced the consumption of toxic active ingredients by 10%. In total, it is reducing this year by 30% compared to 2018. For the next two years, the goal is to reduce by 15% each year to reach a 60% reduction from 2018 to 2023.
The Swiss-Ecuadorian company has also begun installing solar panels at all of its operating sites to generate its own electricity, using solar photovoltaic solutions. By doing so, Ponte Tresa completely reduces the effect of CO2 generated by the normal electricity
What makes our partners' business so different and what is important to us:

  • 100% fulfilment of our confirmed orders
  • Impeccable presentation
  • A true social and environmental commitment
  • Fresh, high quality roses with unwavering durability

So why are roses such a spontaneous gift? Simply because the rose symbolises perfection. Often considered the queen of flowers, the rose takes on different colours and different meanings depending on the colour. Used by many poets as an allegory of love, the rose has been revered by mankind since the beginning of time. Today it is the most widely cut flower in the world. Although the rose is known to all, not everyone knows all its meanings
In ancient times, the rose was considered a gift from the gods. The Greeks and Romans saw it as a symbol of spring and the fragility of the world. They associated this flower with the goddess Venus or Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Created by Flora, the goddess of flowers, (Chloris in Greek) it is not surprising that the rose became the queen of flowers. This plant was often associated with the most joyous celebrations and was offered to soldiers returning from battle victorious. Legend has it that Mark Antony and Cleopatra spent their first night of love on a bed of rose petals and that Cleopatra welcomed her beloved in a room filled to the knees with rose petals.
Religious ceremonies also used the rose as a symbol of modesty, its sweetness honoured the dead and paid tribute to the departed. The Christian religion uses the rose symbol a lot. It represents both the Virgin Mary, the blood of Christ and the expression of martyrdom. The Middle Ages again linked the rose to love, particularly through its poetry. It is then a symbol of the fragility of life, of perfection, and also becomes the personification of the loved one. As a florist, the rose is an integral part of our daily assortment. As the queen of flowers, we work with them in many different ways. On the stem, for a simple and effective gift, in a tight round bouquet, in modern and slender effect bouquets, as a bridal bouquet, and in arrangements for all of life's occasions. Finally, we use its fragrant petals for church exits or various table decorations.