Floral subscriptions for individuals in delivery

Would you like to invite greenery into your home or the home of a loved one? Want to brighten up your daily life and reconnect with nature? With floral subscriptions for individuals, your florist Bouvard Fleurs will make your wish come true! Receive regularly at your home our most beautiful floral arrangements, wherever you are in Switzerland.

Why a floral subscription for individuals ?

The floral subscription for individuals is ideal to benefit from an interior always in bloom or to spoil your friends and family. It is the insurance to have, at home, fresh flowers continuously and bouquets with renewed colors and forms.


When should I take out a floral subscription?

A floral subscription is an opportunity to receive floral arrangements and/or plants at home on a regular basis.

You may wish to :

  • Make a loved one happy over the long term;
  • Decorate your home and invite nature to brighten your day;
  • Reconnect with the seasons;
  • Admire beautiful floral arrangements decorated in a sober and refined way;
  • Embellish your interior just before a weekend for example;
  • Vary the type of plants in your home (bouquets, table arrangements, floral compositions...);
  • Receive a floral surprise every week or every month, depending on the chosen periodicity;
  • You have the possibility of receiving local flowers, when possible;
  • Flower the grave of a deceased loved one on a continuous basis.

What are the advantages of a floral subscription for individuals?

There are several reasons to consider a home floral subscription:

  • You receive fresh flowers all year round.
  • You have a home that is always in bloom.

The floral arrangements in your home are constantly renewed (many varieties of flowers and plants, different shapes and colors ...). You gain peace of mind and save time: no regular orders to place, no trips to the store, no headaches to choose new arrangements..

Your flowers evolve with the seasons. Tulip, anemone, buttercup to celebrate spring. Sunflower, peony, allium for sweet summer days. Dahlia, wallflower, thistle for an autumn atmosphere. Lilies, amaryllis, hellebore for a cheerful end of the year... You benefit from the know-how of floral artists who advise you and create beautiful floral arrangements. You have the possibility of receiving personalized floral creations, to your taste. You build a close relationship with your florist.


The Bouvard Fleurs offer for individuals

Bouvard Fleurs offers a customized floral subscription for individuals. Find our most beautiful floral creations directly in your living room, delivered at regular intervals. Our offer is complete and adapts to your needs.

Who is Bouvard Fleurs ?

Swiss florist established for more than 50 years, Bouvard Fleurs allows you to receive at your home its superb floral compositions. Designed by our expert florists, our creations are made from fresh and quality flowers. From the best local and international productions, our plants are selected for their long life.

In addition to the floral subscription for individuals, our floral arrangements are also available in our store in Perly-Certoux (Geneva) or on our online store. We also offer floral art courses to teach you how to master the techniques of floral creations and to elaborate your own compositions.

What are the types of Bouvard Fleurs floral subscriptions for individuals ?

Depending on what you want, you can opt for different types of floral subscriptions. Monthly, bi-monthly or even weekly... Our packages are designed to ensure that your home is always green

A custom-made subscription

To respect your desires and those of your loved ones, Bouvard Fleurs floral subscriptions for individuals are entirely personalized. They are adapted to your specific needs and respect your constraints, your wishes and your budget. We allow you to choose the many options that make up your offer:

  • The duration of the subscription: long or short ;
  • The frequency of delivery: once a week or once or twice a month;
  • Bouquets from our catalog or specially designed for you;
  • The type of floral arrangement: bouquet, composition... ;
  • The shape of the compositions: high, rising, low, round... ;
  • The size of the floral creation: small, medium, large;
  • Live or dried flowers;
  • The varieties of plants and flowers you prefer;
  • The number of arrangements to be received each week or each month;
  • The day and time of delivery.

You also have the possibility to pause your floral subscription if you go on vacation, for example. You can also end it at any time, or space out the deliveries.

If you wish, you can also call on Bouvard F leurs florists to take care of your plants, once or several times a week.

What are the advantages with Bouvard Fleurs?

Bouvard Fleurs gives you the benefit of its long experience and offers you a quality floral subscription. The services of your favorite florist include

  • Delivery of bouquets to your home in a ready-made vase;
  • The reception of unique floral compositions;
  • The installation of your plants in your home;
  • Preferential rates with subscription compared to our retail plant prices;
  • The provision of containers and their regular replacement;
  • The removal of old arrangements and their containers;
  • Monthly billing: you pay for our services once a month, regardless of the delivery frequency you choose;
  • Cancellation or suspension of your offer at any time.


You are a company or a community? Do you want to set up a floral subscription to decorate your premises? Go to our page dedicated to subscriptions for companies!