Flower delivery International Women's Day

Flower delivery International Women's Day


The airplane

A mix of light flowers, for a slender, playful and airy bouquet. With Tulip du Var, lisianthus and spring branches.
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The vitaminized

Beautiful spring bouquet with hues of saffron, curry, tangerine. For a bright, vitaminized mix! With seasonal flowers.
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Love me tender

Soft and fresh colors for this adorable and soooo romantic bouquet!

The Bianca

A floral cloud. In this beautiful effect bouquet, the delicate petals of white roses, the graceful buds of lisianthus, the immaculate whiteness of chrysanthemum, and the lightness of gypsophila intermingle

Sweet honey

a bouquet with colors as sweet as honey. Discover "Sweet Honey

Order a bouquet of flowers for Women's Rights Day and have it delivered to your home from Monday to Saturday

International Women's Day, Day of Struggle

International Women's Day, also called International Women's Day in some countries or regions, is celebrated on March 8It is an international day highlighting the fight for women's rights and, in particular, for the end of inequalities in relation to men. This day comes from the history of feminist struggles carried out on the European and American continents.       

United States

On February 28, 1909, a “National Woman's Day” was observed in the United States for the first time at the call of the Socialist Party of America. Following a proposal by Clara Zetkin in August 1910, the Socialist International Women celebrated on March 19, 1911, the first “International Women's Day” and demanded women's right to vote, the right to work and the end of discrimination at work. Since then, protests and demonstrations have taken place every year.


It was Soviet Russia which was the first country to make it official in 1921 by making it a public holiday but not a day off until 1965. The event remained mainly confined to the countries of the socialist bloc until the end of the 1960s, when it will be taken over by the second feminist wave. It was finally in 1977 that the United Nations made the day official, inviting all the countries of the planet to celebrate a day in favor of women's rights. It is mainly a day of demonstrations around the world: an opportunity to take stock of the situation of women in society and to demand equal rights. Traditionally, groups and associations of militant women prepare demonstrations all over the world, to achieve their demands.

In popular language, marketing and the media, it is sometimes referred to, improperly, by the expression “Women's Day”. What is then an important day of struggle is often hijacked as a mere commercial celebration.

The idea of ​​this explanation is to give flowers to women not because it is their “day” but because they represent a centuries-old battle that still continues today throughout the world. 

They are the pillar of this war of the sexes and through the language of flowers, this is an opportunity to show them that they should never give up. 

Why give flowers on this day?

More than ever, giving flowers on this day must make sense. This is an opportunity to offer a gift with the heart. 

This is a celebration because every small right granted to women must be celebrated.

  • Offer flowers to support all the women who are abused in all countries of the world. Bring them color and comfort to show them that they are not forgotten.
  • Offer flowers to encourage them in their quest to achieve equal pay.
  • Offer flowers to highlight their civic and political rights.
  • Offer flowers to support them, so that they obtain more independence and autonomy within their couple.
  • Offer flowers to support the rights to their bodies.
  • Offer flowers to tell them that they deserve to be considered in the urban space, which is sometimes too focused on the male sex.

Yes, but what do we offer?

The Mimosa

A long range of fresh flowers is available to you, according to your desires. 

In Italy, the florist will tell you that at the top of the list, the flower for International Women's Day is the mimosaIt's the perfect gift!

In 1946, the UDI (Italian Women's Union), while preparing for the first post-war 8th March celebration, decided to look for a flower that could be the symbol of this women's day. The choice fell on this very beautiful yellow flower which blooms precisely in this period and which is easily spotted. Symbolically, yellow perfectly expresses vitality and joy and also represents the passage from death to life, thus recalling the women who fought for the birth of a just world.

This is how, since 1946 in Italy, the Mimosa has become the flower symbol of women and of March 8. The Mimosa is offered to girls, wives, employees, and mothers. It is a symbolic gift that men make to women, but which is also offered between women.

The Mimosa has become a strong symbol that can be found everywhere in Italy on the occasion of March 8. The tradition in Italy is that the evening of March 8, dedicated to these ladies, is spent between women only. The restaurants are literally taken over by women who meet up with friends, family, or colleagues…

According to Coldiretti, the country's main farmers' union, Italian women should receive some 12 million branches of mimosa during the day, “a flower which, behind its apparent fragility, shows great strength and an ability to grow even in difficult terrain. “.


The rose is also a flower that goes well with this day dedicated to women.

This flower, available in several colors, is the symbol of delicacy and perfection. Often considered the queen of flowers, the rose takes on various colors and takes on different meanings depending on the latter. Used by many poets as an allegory of love, the rose has been revered by man since the dawn of time. Today, it is the most cut flower in the world.

Red, pink, orange, yellow, it doesn't matter the color and the size as long as the love you have for women is reflected in your bouquet or your composition. 

Red roses remain very popular for this day because a symbol of love, but it is possible to order them all year round.

The red or other colored rose “boxes” also works for this occasion. Short roses in a box, resembling a jewelry box, are highly appreciated for the beauty of the flowers and the ease of maintenance.

Spring flowers

If the bouquets of roses are timeless, it is also possible to create custom bouquets of varied flowers, chosen with care from an extensive collection.

Spring gives desire for colors, and the florist does not lack imagination to mark this magnificent day dedicated to women. Anemones, buttercups, daffodils, tulips, as many choices of fresh flowers as desires to satisfy! This season produces a large quantity of flowers that can be grown in Switzerland. The idea is even to order these flowers because they are in short circuit, here is the opportunity to offer an ecological bouquet! 

In short, all the gifts and the bouquets of flowers, will decorate this international day of the rights granted to the women in the world. 

A simple phone call

The delivery of a bouquet of flowers or a floral arrangement is to be preferred if you cannot come to our boutique. All you have to do is call us, even during the day, to entrust us with your messages of love to convey.  

We are available to advise you on each product.

For this beautiful celebration, it is with all our heart, from the preparation of the bouquets to the delivery, that we respond to all your desires. Just make your choice!

And otherwise?

Whatever your country, you can browse our website to order your bouquets  of roses or fresh flowers for this day, and delivery is made throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

Gifts that last 

Want a gift that lasts? Are you saddened by the ephemeral side of a bouquet of flowers? The woman you think to support has an artistic soul?

Why not give her a voucher for one of our fantastic florist classes? Throughout the seasons, festivals and plants, our florists invite you to explore a multitude of floral creations. From the centerpiece for the holidays to the round seasonal bouquet, passing by the surprising bunch bouquet and the composition of dried flowers, she will discover our secrets and tips for expressing her creativity for two hours through the language of flowers.  

Our floral workshops are personalized and offer the possibility of choosing the date and time of their choice and of requesting specific themes. All the equipment: plants, work tools and aprons, are made available by us. Only the desire to create is necessary.  

Classes take place in our workshops in Perly-Certoux (Canton of Geneva). 

Our address: 
 Bouvard Fleurs, Route de Base, 74 1258, Perly-Certoux, Geneva

Access by public transport : bus 42, stop Certoux, Village.  

If you come by car : parking spaces are available. 

Reservation by phone or email at:  

Telephone:  +41 22 771 48 43

Email:  info@bouvard-fleurs.ch

Our webshop

If you don't have the time to come and admire all our beautiful creations in store, our web-shop for deliveries throughout Switzerland is also changing to celebrate National Women's Day. Our online store is full of gift ideas to celebrate this day as it should be.   

Click, decide your bouquet size, delivery area and recipient, and we'll take care of the rest! Variations of warm or pastel tones, round or slender bouquets, bouquets of dried flowers, spring mixes, bouquet of 100% Geneva tulips, find the perfect present to send throughout Switzerland. Each of our bouquets are made with fresh flowers of the day, always making a point of honor to their qualities. 

Easy, fast, high-quality and at attractive prices  : It has never been easier to send flowers. 

You can also choose to accompany your bouquet with a good bottle of Geneva wine, or why not, a delicious box of chocolate, made in the canton with passion and know-how.    

The distributor

If you are unable to come to our shop on D-Day, we provide you with two Flower Bouquet Dispensers accessible 24H and 7 days/week (in Perly-Certoux and Carouge). During this busy period, our teams of collaborators take turns so that the dispensers are always filled with our finest creations.        

Accessible every day and at all hours of the day, composed of mixed flowers, roses, seasonal and regional flowers, our bouquets are stored in a controlled environment, in order to guarantee freshness and durability. We constantly renew of our floral arrangements. The water is replaced at regular intervals and the flowers changed every day. Our bouquets are accessible for all budgets. (from 20.- to 40.- CHF).