Funeral planner in Geneva - Bouvard Fleurs

Bouvard Fleurs offers a funeral planner service in Geneva to help you organise your funeral. We work with two companies dedicated to this tailor-made service, which is invaluable at times of grief.

Who are our funeral planner partners in Geneva ? 

At Bouvard fleurs, we are used to dealing with the delicate moments linked to the loss of a loved one and to guiding you as best we can. To complement our services and help you through this difficult time, we can put you in touch with two funeral planners in Geneva. Our partners André Miloudi of Following Life and Géraldine Juge of Separate Ways both specialise in funeral services. Both companies offer a high-quality service and will assist you with empathy and creativity.

Advice, administrative management, organisation of the funeral ceremony, grave maintenance... The services and prices of our partners are varied. They offer several packages that allow you to select the services best suited to your needs.


What is a funeral organiser ?

Funeral organisers help bereaved families pay their last respects to the deceased, offering everything from administrative support to the choice of flowers and decorations for the ceremony. It's a welcome alternative to the sometimes ageing services of traditional funeral directors.

What services does a funeral organiser in Geneva offer ?

They take care of all the formalities surrounding the death and help you organise the funeral:

They carry out all your wishes and those of the deceased: they do everything possible to meet the requirements of the deceased and his family.

They guide you with kindness: If the funeral has not been planned, your funeral organiser will help you organise it. Providing you with support and advice, he or she can also help you choose the right time for the funeral service. He or she will help you choose who will conduct the funeral (friend, family member, person of faith, etc.).

They organise a personalised ceremony: a traditional funeral in the local church or a brighter, more colourful event... He makes sure that the service reflects the life of your loved one, who has recently passed away, and that his last wishes are respected. To prepare for the ceremony, he will find out about your loved one's musical tastes, hobbies, favourite books, etc.

Organising a post-service event: If you wish, the funeral director can help you organise a wake. They can put you in touch with a selection of caterers or other professionals to help you. Some funeral homes even have dedicated facilities.

They take care of all the logistics: transferring the deceased, administrative formalities, registering the death, collecting certificates, liaising with cemeteries, making arrangements with the church... The funeral planner takes care of everything so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

Choosing mourning flowers

Your organiser in Geneva will also help you choose the mourning flowers that are so important in the grieving process. You need to select them with great care to express your feelings and your support for the bereaved family. They are highly symbolic.

Wreaths, various floral arrangements, coffin sprays, sprays of flowers, mourning bouquets... The choice of mourning floral arrangements is wide. You can express your tribute to the death of a loved one in a multitude of ways:

  • Are you a member of the deceased's family? The spouse can choose red roses. Children can choose a coffin topper. The rest of the family can take care of the headstone, wreaths or mourning cushions. In the case of the tragic death of a child, white symbolises purity and innocence.
  • Are you a friend of the deceased? Smaller than those of the family, suitable floral arrangements include wreaths or mourning cushions.
  • Are you a close acquaintance of the family of the deceased? You can show your support by choosing a carnation. Discreet and elegant, it's a respectful way to pay your respects.
  • Whatever your relationship with the deceased and his or her loved ones, you can have your thoughts delivered directly to the place of the ceremony.