Mourning flowers: Perennial Plants for a Lasting Memory

The loss of a loved one is a challenging experience. To honor the memory of our departed relatives, funeral flowers play a significant role in ceremonies and the grieving process. Among various options, perennial plants offer a particular symbolism and provide a lasting memory. In this article, we present the most suitable perennial plants to express your affection and support grieving families.


The lily is a flower associated with mourning and purity. It symbolizes the reconciliation between life and death, as well as the hope for renewal. Its elegant beauty and delicate colors make it an appropriate choice to express sympathy and support.

The lily season is mainly during the summer, offering an explosion of enchanting colors and fragrances. Generally, lilies begin to bloom in late spring, around the month of May, and continue to flower throughout the summer, reaching their peak in June and July.

fleurs de lys orchidee

The Orchid

The orchid is an exquisite plant that symbolizes beauty, love, and respect. It is often offered to express sincere condolences and show affection for the deceased person. Orchids are also appreciated for their longevity and their ability to bloom again each year, making them a lasting reminder of the memory of the loved one.

Although they are often associated with winter and early spring, orchids can be found throughout the year at florists.


Chrysanthemum is a flower traditionally associated with funerals in many cultures. It symbolizes mourning, tribute, and piety. Chrysanthemums are available in a variety of colors and shapes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your intentions and the personality of the deceased.

The chrysanthemum season generally extends from September to December, offering a profusion of bright colors and varied shapes. These flowers are emblematic of autumn and are often associated with the celebration of All Saints' Day and the Day of the Dead. During this period, chrysanthemums are abundantly available in gardens and at florists :)

chrysantheme azalee

The Azalea

Azalea is a perennial plant that represents love, tenderness, and sweetness. Its beautiful flowers make it a delicate and touching choice to express your condolences. Azaleas are also known for their longevity, making them a lasting symbol of love and respect for the deceased person.

Azaleas primarily bloom in spring and summer. It is during this period that azaleas are in full bloom, offering a stunning visual spectacle. Some varieties of azaleas may also bloom in the fall, but it is mainly in spring and summer that you will find these beautiful flowers.

The Rosebush

The rosebush is a universal symbol of love and beauty. Offering a rosebush in memory of a loved one allows you to perpetuate their memory symbolically. Roses are available in a variety of colors, each with its particular meaning. You can choose the color that best corresponds to the feelings you want to express.

Rosebushes are plants that offer their splendid flowers throughout the year, but their main flowering season is usually in spring and summer. In spring, the first floral buds begin to open, offering delicate and fragrant roses. In summer, rosebushes are at their peak, producing a profusion of beautiful flowers and perfuming the air with their sweet fragrance.

rosier laurier rose

The Oleander

The oleander is a flowering plant that symbolizes eternal memory. It is often used in funeral arrangements to evoke the persistence of memories and enduring love. The oleander is also appreciated for its vibrant beauty and evergreen foliage, which testify to strength and resilience in difficult times.

The oleander is a plant that is most often in bloom during the summer months, from June to September. It is during this warm season that oleanders unfold their flowers in a variety of bright colors. The oleander is valued for its heat resistance and its ability to thrive in hot and sunny climates.

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FAQ on Funeral Flowers and Perennial Plants

What are the best perennial plants to offer in mourning ?

The perennial plants suitable for mourning include lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums, azaleas, roses, oleanders, and hydrangeas. There are other funeral flowers available, but the choice depends on what you are looking for.

What is the meaning of lilies in mourning ?

Lilies are associated with mourning and symbolize purity and the hope of renewal.

What is the symbolism of orchids in funerals ?

Orchids symbolize beauty, love, and respect. They are offered to express sincere condolences.

Is it better to offer a perennial plant rather than a funeral bouquet ?

Offering a perennial plant in mourning provides a lasting memory and symbolizes the persistence of the memory of the deceased. However, the choice between a perennial plant and a funeral bouquet depends on personal preferences and cultural customs.

Do perennial plants require special care ?

Perennial plants generally require regular care such as watering, exposure to light, and appropriate fertilization. It is important to follow the specific instructions provided with the plant to ensure its proper growth and longevity.

In conclusion, perennial plants offer a beautiful way to pay tribute to our departed loved ones. Their symbolism and ability to last over time make them a suitable choice to express support and love for grieving families. Whether it's a lily, an orchid, a chrysanthemum, an azalea, a rose, or an oleander, each perennial plant has its unique meaning to provide a lasting memory and bring comfort during moments of mourning.