Flower bouquet dispenser Accessible 24/7

  • Flowers renewed every day
  • Freshness guaranteed
  • Attractive prices (15 to 40 fr.)
  • Payment in cash (CHF or €), contactless card or TWINT
  • Easy and fast
  • Loyalty program

Discover our two addresses :

- 46 route de Saint-Julien 1227 à Carouge-

74 route de Base 1258 à Perly Certoux

Forgotten birthday ? Last minute invitation ? Sudden desire ? There is no shortage of opportunities to buy a bouquet of flowers outside of florists' opening hours..

Distributeur automatique de fleurs 24 sur 7 bouvard fleurs  geneve

Our flower bouquet dispenser

is available every day and at all hours of the day. Composed of mixed flowers, roses, seasonal flowers and local flowers, our bouquets are stored in a controlled environment to guarantee freshness and a constant renewal of our floral arrangements.

The water is replaced at regular intervals and the flowers are changed every day.

To thank you for your purchase, Bouvard Fleurs offers a loyalty program in the form of tickets to accumulate. After 20 tickets, a surprise awaits you in our store.

How can I pick up a bouquet?

  • Dial the locker number of the chosen bouquet
  • Pay with cash, contactless card (no PostFinance) or TWINT - (by card, wait for confirmation and authorization to continue)
  • Dial the locker number again
  • The door opens by itself
  • Help yourself (don't forget your loyalty ticket)
  • The door closes automatically

Frequently asked questions

Which flowers are used ?

The bouquets are made up of mixed flowers, roses or flowers of the season and the region.

Are the flowers changed regularly?

The flowers are changed every day.

How are the flowers kept in the dispenser?

The bouquets are kept in water that is renewed regularly. To guarantee the constant freshness of the flowers, the dispenser ensures protection against bad weather, a regulated temperature for an optimal conservation and a frost protection of the bouquets.

What is the price of a bouquet?

The price of a bouquet is between 15 and 40 fr.

How do I get my flowers back?

Type in the number of the locker where the chosen bouquet is located, then insert the cash or card (in case of payment by card, wait for confirmation and authorization to continue). Once the payment is validated, dial the locker number again to allow the door to open. Take the bouquet and let the door close by itself.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay by cash, contactless card (no PostFinance) or TWINT.

Do you offer a loyalty program?

Yes, Bouvard Fleurs offers a loyalty program in the form of tickets in the lockers of the distributor that you accumulate. At the 20th ticket, a gift is offered in our store.