Valentine's Day flowers: meaning and symbolism

Valentine's Day, celebrated on 14 February, is much more than just a date on the calendar. It's a celebration of the love and affection shared between loved ones. On this occasion, giving flowers is a symbolic gesture deeply rooted in tradition. At Bouvard Fleurs, we are fully aware of this beautiful custom and are committed to enriching your Valentine's Day experience. To express your feelings in the most appropriate way on this day dedicated to love, our Valentine's Day flower delivery service is your ideal ally. With care and attention, we create elegant and meaningful bouquets, perfectly suited to make this day special.

From past to present : The evolution of Valentine's Day and the role of flowers

Valentine's Day, as we know it today, has roots that go back to antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Historically, the festival originated in the Roman celebrations of the Lupercalia, when homage was paid to Lupercus, the god of fertility. Over time, these pagan traditions became intertwined with the legend of Saint Valentine, a priest who, according to a popular story, secretly married couples despite the prohibitions of the Roman emperor.

In the Middle Ages, Valentine's Day began to be associated with romantic love. The first association of Valentine's Day with romantic love is often attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer, a 14th-century English author. In his work, he refers to Valentine's Day as a day when all the birds choose their partners. It was at this time that poems and sweet nothings began to be exchanged.

As for the link with flowers, this is a tradition that has evolved over the centuries. In many cultures, flowers have always been symbols of beauty, renewal and sentiment. In 17th-century Europe, exchanging flowers became a common way of expressing emotions. Roses in particular, with their ephemeral beauty and intoxicating fragrance, quickly became the symbol of passionate love.

This tradition was reinforced in the Victorian era with the language of flowers, known as floriography, where different flowers and floral arrangements had specific meanings. Giving flowers has become a refined and elegant way of expressing feelings that often cannot be expressed in words, and is particularly appropriate for Valentine's Day.

Today, Valentine's Day is a global occasion for celebrating love in all its forms, and flowers remain one of the most popular and meaningful gifts.

Let's discover the meaning and symbolism of the most popular flowers for Valentine's Day.

Red roses, the universal symbol of love

For generations, red roses have been recognised as emblems of love and passion. This flower, with its intense red colour, represents ardent desire and deep affection. The colour red itself is often associated with love, passion and even sacrifice. In Greek mythology, the red rose was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, reinforcing its association with intense emotions and romantic love.

In poetry, from Shakespeare to Burns, red roses are celebrated for their unique beauty and their link with the feelings of the heart. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, their fragrance also has a place in perfumery, adding a sensory dimension to their charm.

Giving a bouquet of red roses is a traditional gesture of deep love. The number of roses can vary, with each number having its own meaning, from new love to eternal commitment. So red roses remain a perfect choice for expressing love, especially on Valentine's Day.

Tulips and true love

Although a little less traditional than roses, tulips are just as expressive in the language of flowers, symbolising true and sincere love. Their slender shape and variety of colours make them an ideal choice to represent pure, honest love. Red tulips, with their vibrant glow, are particularly popular for Valentine's Day, as they embody passion and a profound declaration of love.

Tulips are renowned for their resilience and their ability to re-flower year after year, making them emblematic of long-lasting, enduring love. They convey a message of genuine affection and deep esteem. They invite us to celebrate love in all its forms, with a touch of refinement and delicacy.

Orchids, elegance and exotic affection

A symbol of elegance and refinement, orchids represent mature love and deep admiration on Valentine's Day. Their exotic appearance and longevity illustrate the commitment and durability of relationships. Each variety, from phalaenopsis to dendrobiums, offers a unique message of love, combining beauty, respect and dignity. These flowers, often seen as talismans of good fortune and health in many cultures, add a dimension of benevolence to their offering. The gift of orchids is a celebration of enduring, adaptive and elegant love, an ideal choice for expressing deep and respectful feelings.

Celebrate love with Bouvard Fleurs

As Valentine's Day approaches, the choice of flowers becomes an act of love in itself. Whether it's the intensity of a red rose, the delicacy of a tulip, the elegance of an orchid or the majesty of a peony, each flower carries a promise of affection and shared emotion.

Our florists in Geneva, Aurore, Emma, Estelle and Virginie, with their expertise and passion for floral art, are at your side to transform your feelings into magnificent floral arrangements.

Our Valentine's Day flower delivery service is designed to make this expression of love easier for you. Our carefully crafted bouquets of flowers will travel to the heart of your loved one, bringing with them the colours, scents and emotions of your affection. Choose Bouvard Fleurs for an unforgettable Valentine's Day, where each petal tells your love story.

FAQ about Valentine's Day flower deliveries throughout Switzerland

Red roses dominate the list of the most popular flowers for Valentine's Day, mainly because of their powerful symbolism of love, passion and yearning. Their bright red colour and classic appearance make them the ideal choice for expressing intense feelings. Tulips are also in great demand. Their natural elegance and variety of colours make them a subtle yet profound way of expressing sincere and lasting love. Orchids, with their exotic grace, are chosen for their depiction of elegance and refined affection, ideal for a mature and respectful message of love. Finally, peonies are valued for their link to romance and prosperity, and their lush appearance symbolises a blossoming love and an emotionally rich relationship.

Yes, we offer made-to-measure arrangements. You can choose from a variety of flowers and styles to create a unique bouquet that reflects your feelings.

It is advisable to order your flowers a few days in advance to guarantee availability and on-time delivery. At Bouvard Fleurs, we do our best to meet last-minute requests, but ordering in advance ensures a better selection and optimal service.

To prolong the life of your Valentine's Day flowers, it's essential to look after them with care. Start by placing them in a clean vase filled with fresh water, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria. Change the water every other day and cut the stems slightly at an angle each time you change the water to help them absorb it better. Keep your flowers away from sources of direct heat, such as radiators and direct sunlight, as this can accelerate their decline. Finally, remove any leaves below the water line to prevent them rotting, which will also help to keep the water cleaner and the flowers healthier for longer.