The best flowers for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is much more than just a holiday; it's a celebration of love and affection, a unique opportunity to express your deepest feelings. Flowers, with their silent but powerful language, play a central role in this expression of emotions. Understanding this language and choosing the perfect bouquet is essential. That's why at Bouvard Fleurs we offer a specialised Valentine's Day flower delivery service, ensuring that your choice reflects the diversity and beauty of human emotions.

Understanding the language of flowers

Floriography, or the art of the language of flowers, is a rich tradition that communicates emotions and feelings without words. Each flower, through its colour, shape and fragrance, conveys a particular meaning.

Let's take roses as an example. Red roses symbolise passion and intense love, while white roses evoke purity and innocence. A yellow rose can represent friendship and joy, offering a message of platonic affection.

Lilies, with their imposing presence, are often associated with purity and nobility. White lilies express pure, virtuous love, while orange lilies symbolise passionate, vibrant love.

Orchids, exotic and refined flowers, are seen as the symbol of a strong and lasting love, ideal for expressing a deep and mature attachment.

Tulips, representing perfect love, are suitable for a budding and joyful romance. The red tulip declares "I love you", while the purple tulip is a sign of fidelity.

So choosing the right flowers to express your emotions is a delicate and thoughtful process. By understanding this floral language, you can create bouquets that are not only beautiful to look at, but also carry a deep, personal message.

Top 5 Valentine's Flowers and their meanings, selected by our florists

Our florists Aurore, Emma, Estelle and Virginie have carefully selected a range of flowers and accessories to create unique and meaningful bouquets for this special occasion. Here are the Top 5 Valentine's Day flowers that our experts regularly use in their Valentine's Day bouquets:


The rose, a universal symbol of passionate love, is an emblematic choice for Valentine's Day. These flowers embody the very essence of passion, and are perfect for expressing deep, passionate feelings. Roses in a range of colours offer a palette of emotions: red roses represent passionate and intense love, pink roses symbolise admiration and tenderness, yellows evoke joy and friendship, while pale roses reflect budding love or delicate affection. Each hue carries with it a nuance of feeling, allowing the message in each floral arrangement to be richly and deeply personalised. So the rose, in all its colours, becomes the perfect messenger of love in all its forms for Valentine's Day.


Lisianthus, with its delicately hemmed petals and elegant allure, is a popular choice for its symbolism of enduring admiration and graceful love. Often chosen for their natural elegance, these flowers are ideal for expressing refined love and deep respect. Their sophisticated appearance and soft colour palette make them the perfect choice for a subtle and refined message of love, suitable for those wishing to convey feelings of elegance and distinction.


Ranunculus, with their multiple petals and bright colours, are a popular choice to symbolise attraction and charm. These flowers evoke a sense of fascination and wonder, perfect for expressing admiration for the beauty and unique aura of a loved one. Used in a variety of floral arrangements, ranunculus capture attention and reflect a deep and joyful appreciation, making any bouquet in which they are included all the more special and memorable.


Anemones are chosen for their delicate elegance and striking centre, making them a symbol of anticipation and hope, especially in love. These flowers, with their soft petals and often contrasting hearts, evoke the birth of new feelings and the excitement of a budding relationship. They are ideally suited to those wishing to express the beginning of a love affair, carrying with them a promise of freshness and renewal. The inclusion of anemones in a bouquet represents a message of optimism and bright prospects, perfect for celebrating the start of a romance on Valentine's Day.


Tulips, with their symbolism of perfect love and sincere declaration, are an excellent choice for celebrating a blossoming relationship. Their clean design and bright colours embody joy and simplicity, bringing a touch of freshness and cheerfulness to floral arrangements. These flowers are ideal for expressing pure, joyful feelings, representing optimism and happiness in a loving relationship.

To complement these flowers, our artisans also use elements such as gypsophila (for purity), garlic (originality), limonium (lasting beauty), delphinium (grandeur), lagurus (sweetness) and eucalyptus (freshness and vitality). These complements are not just aesthetic additions; they enrich bouquets with meaning and texture, amplifying the message of love for Valentine's Day.

Creative ideas for Valentine's Day bouquets

As artisan florists, we put all our heart and creativity into making unique bouquets for Valentine's Day. Each composition is a work of art, reflecting deep emotions and feelings. Here are some of our most inspired creations:

1. The "Passionately": created as a symbol of ardent love, using mainly red roses. This glamorous, baroque bouquet is our floral interpretation of the passionate declaration.

2. The "Sophia" is a delicate profusion of spray roses, ranunculus and lisianthus. This subtly nuanced composition is an ode to grace and generosity.

3. In the "Lisa", we've played with anemones, ranunculus, talinium, tulips and greenery to celebrate love and joy.

 4. The "Brenda" is a bold mix of lisianthus, spray roses, garden roses, carnations, garlic and limonium. This composition is a veritable floral poem, celebrating love in its most playful and colourful form.

5. With "Gladys", we wanted to capture the spirit of nature. By combining red roses and carnations, we've created a bouquet that evokes delicacy and nobility, in a harmony of warm, subtle colours.

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Why choose flower delivery for Valentine's Day?

Delivering flowers for Valentine's Day is a practical and touching option, ideal for all situations. It's useful for those who are physically far from their partner, but also for those who are close by. Opting for this service saves time, an appreciable convenience in our busy lives.

Calling in professionals to make and deliver the bouquet ensures superior quality and artistic presentation. It also adds a touch of surprise and spontaneity, making flower delivery a lovely surprise for your partner, whether at home or at work.

Our service guarantees fast and reliable delivery, with a variety of personalised bouquets made from fresh, quality seasonal flowers. Each bouquet is a beautiful and lasting gift, perfect for expressing your feelings in an authentic and moving way.

FAQ about Valentine's Day flower delivery

Yes, absolutely. For each Valentine's Day bouquet, we offer the option of adding a personal message of up to 250 characters. This service allows you to add a touching, personalised note to your bouquet, reinforcing the message you want to convey.

We source our flowers daily, guaranteeing the freshness and superior quality of each arrangement. We take great care in the selection and preparation of our flowers, and are dedicated to delivering a top-quality product to our customers.

Our bouquet images are examples only and may vary depending on flower availability. We do our utmost to create arrangements that are as similar as possible to the images, while respecting the freshness and quality of the flowers. However, if certain flowers are not available, we will choose the best possible alternative.

If the recipient is absent, we take care to leave the flowers in a safe place or with a neighbour. If necessary, we place the flowers in a container with water to ensure their freshness. Our priority is to ensure safe delivery in the best possible conditions. Although we do our utmost to ensure that your flowers are well received, please note that we cannot be held responsible for any theft or loss of flowers once they have been delivered and carefully placed.