Flower bouquets: the most fragrant species

In the enchanting world of flowers, each species tells a unique story through its fragrance. Carefully composed bouquets are not only a pleasure for the eyes, but also a caress for the sense of smell, bringing joy and serenity to our homes. In this article, discover the most intoxicating species, perfect for creating memorable bouquets. And for those looking to combine floral beauty with convenience, bouquet delivery with Bouvard Fleurs is an ideal solution.

The lily

The fleur-de-lys, a symbolic emblem with a rich historical heritage, embodies royalty and purity. Recognisable by its elegant silhouette and distinctive three petals, the fleur-de-lis is often associated with nobility and power. Originating in Antiquity, it has been adopted by many civilisations and has become a universal symbol of greatness. The fleur-de-lys is also found in the language of flowers, where it evokes majesty, grace and honour. Beyond its historical importance, this delicate flower continues to fascinate with its timeless beauty and profound symbolic meaning, making it a floral icon that transcends the ages.

The scent of the fleur de lys is imbued with a subtle, bewitching elegance. The flower's delicate fragrance is both suave and refined, capturing the very essence of its natural grace. The floral notes emanate intoxicatingly, offering a harmonious blend of sweetness and sophistication. Often described as slightly sweet and floral, the scent of the fleur de lys evokes a majestic and captivating aura. Whether in a flower garden or in a bouquet, this delicate fragrance leaves a memorable impression, evoking the timeless elegance and incomparable beauty of the fleur de lys. Its subtle fragrance has the power to charm the senses and create an atmosphere of grace and softness.

The seasonality of lily flowers is often associated with spring and summer. These majestic flowers usually begin to bloom in spring, reaching their peak of flowering during the warmer summer months. Lilies are often grown as perennials, which means they can return year after year, offering their floral splendour during the growing season. However, specific varieties of lily may have slightly different flowering periods depending on their species and local climatic conditions.

It's important to note that some varieties of lily, such as the Madonna lily or the autumn lily, can also flower in late summer or autumn. So the seasonality of lily flowers can vary depending on the variety chosen, offering a diversity of colours and shapes throughout the growing season. Gardeners often plan to plant lilies to take advantage of their brilliant blooms during the warmer months, adding a touch of grace and sophistication to their summer gardens.

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Freesia or Cape Lily of the Valley

Freesia, a plant native to South Africa, is appreciated for its graceful stems adorned with multicoloured bells. This perennial belongs to the Iridaceae family and is distinguished by its delicate flowers and slender leaves. It has conquered gardens all over the world because of its simple beauty and varied colour palette, ranging from pure white to deep violet, pink and yellow. Freesia is often used in floral arrangements to add a touch of elegance and freshness.

One of Freesia's most iconic characteristics is its enchanting fragrance. Its flowers give off a sweet, floral aroma, reminiscent of delicate notes of jasmine and lily of the valley. This enchanting fragrance has made freesia a popular flower in the perfume industry. Whether used in bouquets, gardens or floral compositions, freesia offers a pleasant olfactory experience, evoking a delicate, refined atmosphere.

Freesia is generally associated with spring, although its flowering period can extend from early spring to late spring or even early summer. It is commonly grown as a bulbous plant, which means that the bulbs can be planted in autumn to allow them to flower brightly the following spring. Modern varieties of freesia are also available for growing in pots, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy these fragrant flowers even in confined spaces. Thanks to its seasonality and beauty, freesia has become a popular choice for brightening up gardens and flower arrangements in spring.

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The hyacinth, an elegant bulbous plant, belongs to the Liliaceae family. Native to the Mediterranean basin and Western Asia, it is appreciated for its spectacular clusters of flowers that bloom in spring. Hyacinths are distinguished by their narrow leaves and tall flower stems, bearing dense, fragrant bell-shaped flowers. Available in a variety of bright colours, from deep blue to pink, white and purple, hyacinth is a popular choice for adding a vibrant touch to gardens and bouquets.

One of the most captivating features of the hyacinth is its delicious fragrance. Hyacinth flowers give off a sweet, intense, floral aroma, evoking sweet notes of spring. This intoxicating scent perfumes the air, creating a pleasant atmosphere in gardens and indoor spaces where hyacinths are present. Whether placed in a bed in the garden or in a bouquet indoors, the hyacinth not only provides an explosion of colour, but also a floral olfactory experience.

Hyacinths are primarily spring flowers, blooming in clusters between late winter and early spring. It is often grown from bulbs planted in autumn, allowing the hyacinths to bloom brightly just as nature is waking up. Thanks to its early seasonality, hyacinth brings an early touch of vitality and colour to gardens and interiors after the winter months. Its fragrant beauty makes it an essential choice for those looking to celebrate spring's renewal in style.

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To preserve the heady fragrance of the flowers in a bouquet, it's crucial to keep them fresh. Change the water in the vase every day to avoid the proliferation of bacteria, which could shorten the life of the flowers. Trim the stems at an angle each time you change the water, to help them absorb water better and stay optimally hydrated. You should also avoid placing your bouquet in direct sunlight or near heat sources, as these elements can accelerate the wilting of the flowers and reduce their fragrance. 

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