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Planning your wedding? What if you dared to organise your wedding in autumn? More and more couples are choosing to say "I do" during the Indian summer. The arrival of autumn is a real source of inspiration. Nature is transformed and a magnificent palette of colours is revealed before your very eyes. What are the advantages of an autumn wedding? What flowers should I choose for an autumn wedding? What decorations should you choose for a flamboyant autumn wedding? Follow our guide.


Why get married in Indian summer ?

The beauty of autumn landscapes Indian summer is the season when gardens and forests put on their most beautiful autumn clothes.

As the light becomes softer, it tries to pierce the orange-red foliage. The bright red leaves begin a final waltz through the air. A thick carpet of colour begins to form on the ground. These picturesque settings inspired many Impressionist painters, such as Monet. Why not take advantage of these magnificent landscapes to immortalise your wedding like a masterpiece? Red, orange, copper, fuchsia, yellow... Imagine the white of your wedding dress sparkling in the midst of this flamboyant decor. There's an infinite choice of colours on your palette to paint the wedding of your dreams.

The variety of seasonal flowers !

September marks the time when the last of the summer blooms take place.

However, many varieties of flowers continue to bloom until the end of November. Lilies, volubilis and gerberas shine in their last splendour. Asters, anemones, dahlias and chrysanthemums are the stars of autumn. There's no shortage of autumn flowers for an Indian summer wedding.

A less expensive wedding in autumn !

Weddings at this time of year are more relaxed.

Service providers such as caterers, florists and wedding dress designers are less in demand. Booking the reception hall of your dreams is less of a challenge... And with less demand, it's easier to negotiate the best rates. Autumn is also a season when nature is particularly generous. The forest abounds with natural elements that can be used to embellish the bride's bouquet or decorate the tables. Pine cones, ivy, moss, chestnuts... all hidden treasures that are a source of inspiration for warm, authentic decoration.

What flowers should you choose for an autumn wedding ?

The dahlia, the flower of love

Simple yet sophisticated, the dahlia is a must for an autumn bridal bouquet. Red, it signifies eternal love. Yellow, it symbolises the promise of faithful love. Round, slender or curled, dahlia petals add volume and sparkle to your bridal bouquet and floral decorations for a wedding in autumnal colours.

Anemone, the flower of romance

The anemone, also known as the "Wind Flower", has a dark heart and cheerful petals. From luminous white to pastel purple, this seasonal autumn flower is the epitome of romance. It's synonymous with elegance.

The carnation, flower of the gods

The carnation is the flower of choice for an autumn wedding. It is often found in the form of a buttonhole, pinned to the left lapel of the groom's jacket. For photos worthy of a royal wedding, the white carnation is also commonly used to create a crown of flowers for the bride.

The aster, the star flower

Because of its shape, the aster is also known as the "star". Roman mythology made this flower the emblem of Venus, the goddess of love. With its pure white petals, the aster adds a rural touch to your wedding table centrepieces. It also looks great delicately placed in the bride's hair.

The thistle, a spicy flower

In a bridal bouquet or boutonniere, the blue thistle is a flower that's sure to spice up your wedding: combined with yellow and green, it's a resplendent addition to any floral arrangement.

Hydrangea, the flower of abundance

With its generous ball shape, the hydrangea adds volume and colour to your floral decorations and the bride's bouquet.

Chrysanthemums, the flower of optimism

The etymological meaning of the chrysanthemum is "golden flower", because at the time it was only available in golden yellow. Today it comes in an infinite range of colours. A star of autumn, the Chrysanthemum brings elegance to wedding floral decorations.

Did you know ? Only in Switzerland, France and a few other countries does the Chrysanthemum have an image tinged with sadness. Everywhere else, it is the symbol of happiness and love.

The rose, the flower of passion

An eternal symbol of love, the rose is still the queen of wedding flowers. In autumn, it too takes on new colours. The softness of a bridal bouquet with coral and peach petals contrasts wonderfully with the flamboyant colours of an autumn wedding.


The orchid, the flower of sensuality

A symbol of absolute beauty, delicate and refined, the orchid is the ideal flower for chic centrepiece decoration.

Gerbera, the sun flower

The sunny shape of the gerbera and its brilliant colours make it a flower that symbolises cheerfulness. Combined with branches and foliage, the gerbera creates a bright bridal bouquet that's as radiant as the warm colours of autumn.

Inspirations for autumnal wedding decorations

Blazing and generous, the Indian summer is an ideal time to create a rustic, chic and colourful ambience for an autumn wedding at minimal cost. Centrepieces and bridal bouquets can easily be decorated with elements from nature. It's a great way to add warm colours and depth to your floral decorations :

● chestnuts or acorns to warm up the centrepieces ;

● ivy garlands to dress up the white walls of the reception room ;

● pine cones to add natural charm to your centrepieces or to embellish the bride's bouquet of roses ;

● plant moss to create a natural, leafy table runner ;

● wooden logs to support a vase or to complete your floral centrepiece decorations.

The « Bouvard » tip : Because flowers are beings of eternal beauty, once their hearts have dried, autumn bridal bouquets remain decorative nonetheless to prolong the memory of an unforgettable day.