Flower delivery in Lucerne

Giving flowers in Lucerne is quick and easy with Bouvard Fleurs, your trusted florist in Switzerland. By choosing our flower delivery service in Lucerne, you are opting for an experience where expertise and passion come together to offer you remarkable and authentic floral arrangements. 

Whether you want to order a bouquet as a birthday or wedding present, or simply to brighten up the day of a loved one, our Swiss floral service will ensure that your thoughts are conveyed with beauty and finesse. 

Delivered directly to your door or that of your loved ones, our bouquets and arrangements are carefully crafted, ready to capture the essence of your most precious moments. 

Our latest flower bouquet creations

Let yourself be seduced by the works of our florists, who, with dedication and expertise, compose the perfect arrangement to immortalise every moment.

Explore our collection and find inspiration in a variety of arrangements:


The violin

Parma, lila, purple, mauve, byzantium or lavender... A delicate cameo for an airy and slender bouquet. Delicate mix of roses, wax flowers, wallflowers, wild flowers..

The Fuchsia

A cameo of roses and wild flowers. A subtle marriage of wild grasses, lisianthus, wallflowers, grasses, and roses for a delicate, refined and romantic bouquet.

The Lavender

Soft colors and wild flowers are the ingredients of this floral poem. Lisianthus and waxflowers brush against each other, eucalyptus and grasses respond. Hues of lavender and peach combine to create a delicate and romantic bouquet.

The Bianca

A floral cloud. In this beautiful effect bouquet, the delicate petals of white roses, the graceful buds of lisianthus, the immaculate whiteness of chrysanthemum, and the lightness of gypsophila intermingle

The Wild

So much energy in this bouquet with sumptuous colors! Parma, fuchsia, lavender, apricot and mauve combine in this singular creation.

the oriental

Soft colors and wild flowers are the ingredients of this festive bouquet. Like an invitation, a journey to elsewhere Lisianthus and limonium flowers brush against each other, while eucalyptus, mimosa and grasses respond. Lavender hues, coppery reflections and peachy tones combine to create an atmosphere of relaxation


Fall for Angèle, our beautiful mix of seasonal flowers in shimmering colors!


A hymn to joy and lightness with our Cleo bouquet. Our magical clematis befriend roses, lisianthus and eucalyptus.

Love me tender

Soft and fresh colors for this adorable and soooo romantic bouquet!

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Why choose us for your Lucerne flower delivery ?

Opting for Bouvard Fleurs means putting your trust in a renowned florist, driven by an unwavering passion for floral art and a commitment to quality. 

With over 60 years' experience, our shops skilfully combine tradition and innovation to offer authentic floral arrangements. Our arrangements tell your story with creativity and attention to detail, thanks to a team of passionate florists who use customer ratings and feedback to keep innovating.

We understand the importance of punctuality and care in the delivery of bouquets. This is why we are committed to delivering your flowers to your home in Lucerne within 24 hours, ensuring that each arrangement arrives in impeccable condition.

Ordering from Bouvard Fleurs means choosing a personalised service, where every detail of your arrangement is designed to match the ideal you wish to offer.

Bouquets for every occasion

Every moment in life deserves its own bouquet. Our range of bouquets is perfectly suited to all your occasions, from joyous celebrations to more solemn moments.

For a wedding, we design bouquets that complement the harmony and beauty of this special day. Valentine's Day is celebrated with red roses, symbols of passionate love, while for Easter, our arrangements in shades of yellow bring sweetness and renewal. On 1 May, let yourself be seduced by our floral arrangements that embody renewal and the celebration of spring. On 1 August, Switzerland's bank holidays, share a bouquet that reflects the colours and pride of our country. In times of mourning, Bouvard Fleurs offers floral arrangements imbued with respect and dignity, to accompany periods of contemplation and honour the memory of loved ones.

Beyond the beauty of the flowers, it is the art of detail that is the hallmark of Bouvard Fleurs. Each arrangement is a floral work of art, designed to leave a lasting impression on hearts and minds. Our shops in Perly Certoux and Gy are spaces dedicated to celebrating life through flowers, where quality meets emotion and each bouquet becomes the messenger of your feelings.

Floral art in the heart of Lucerne

Our bouquets embody the splendour of Switzerland, highlighting the diversity and unique appeal of each city we deliver to. Our floral arrangements are carefully designed to harmonise with your surroundings, whether it's the urban vibrancy of Lucerne or the picturesque calm of other places. They bring a touch of poetry and colour to your everyday life, enriching every space with their delicate, thoughtful presence. 

When delivering flowers to Lucerne, our florists ensure that each arrangement is a true expression of the city's characteristic splendour, evoking its tranquil waters, majestic mountains and rich historical heritage.

Our delivery service ensures that your bouquets arrive at your home in the city of Lucerne within 24 hours, except on Sundays and public holidays. We ensure that your gifts always arrive at their destination within the agreed time. 

Every time you order from one of our shops, our florists take the time to share with you tips on caring for your bouquets. Among other things, we'll guide you through the appropriate pruning of stems and the care to take with water to prolong the life of your floral arrangements.

Our range of flowers includes an impressive variety of roses, lilies, tulips, orchids and other beautiful blooms, available in a full spectrum of colours. Each bouquet is carefully composed by our experienced florists, offering an ideal choice for any occasion: birthdays, thank-yous, congratulations, Valentine's Day or simply to embellish your home with a little bit of nature.

A delivery service throughout Switzerland

Discover our team of florists

Alt981 Since 2015 Perly Shop Emma first trained as an illustrator at the École des Arts Décoratifs de Genève (now the Centre de Formation Professionnelle Arts Appliqués) in 2012. Graduating from the Centre de Formation Professionnelle Nature et Environnement de Lullier in 2015, she trained with Meylan Fleurs in Lausanne, as well as with Laure Fleurs et Fleuriot in Geneva. Solicited by Héloïse once she had obtained her CFC, she immediately joined the Bouvard Fleurs team and has been flourishing there since 2015. Full of imagination and endowed with great sensitivity, it's she who concocts the magnificent bouquets we offer you on the online boutique. With her pencils at the ready and her finger on the pulse of the latest trends, she imagines the boutique's decor as the seasons and events unfold. Attentive and committed to her customers, she will help you find the best way to express your love, friendship, gratitude or a final tribute. Emma Laederach Alt229 Since 2012 Gy Shop After training as a florist in Eyzin-le-Pinet in 2004, Aurore worked for ten years, including two years during her training, with Pascal Ougier and his team at his boutique l'Bocati in Reignier. À l’époque déjà, elle venait donner des coups de main chez Bouvard Fleurs durant les vacances d’été. It was in 2012 that she came up with the idea of setting up a boutique on the company premises to meet the demand from private customers. nEager for new challenges, Aurore specializes in weddings and Bouvard Fleurs becomes the official florist of the Geneva Wedding Show in the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices - BFM in 2014. With her boundless imagination, she is delighted to create your wildest decorations for this unique day. Eager to share her passion, she launched Floral Art classes in our workshops in 2018. Today, at the head of a seven-strong team, she looks forward to helping you discover her veritable Ali-Baba cave. Aurore Duval​ Alt657 Since 2021 Perly Shop Having managed a boutique for almost 20 years, Virginie joined Maison Bouvard with her know-how and experience. Her autonomy enables her to accompany customers in their choices, to advise them as best she can and to realize their projects, whatever they may be. Her passion for her work means she is always available to her customers. She loves receiving people in a pleasant, well-kept environment. Every day, she prepares ready-to-go bouquets and floral arrangements. Whether you're planning a wedding or a bereavement, Virginie's calm, determined approach will meet all your expectations. An adept of the "nothing's serious" attitude, she takes life in its coolest direction and brings this good humor to all her creations. Virginie Burdin Alt675 Since 2021 Perly Shop Estelle originally wanted to work with animals, but it was during an information session at the Lullier school that she discovered, by chance, the profession of florist. She trained there from 2013 to 2016 and obtained her CFC. Then, after working for 1 year at the Carouge florist and almost 3 years at Fleuriot, she decided to continue the adventure with the Bouvard fleurs team, in which she will demonstrate her passion for nature filled with its incredible and varied plants, as the seasons change. She confesses to a penchant for anything out of the ordinary, and puts her creativity and originality at your service. With her calm and discretion, she knows how best to guide you in your choices, and her know-how is at your service. Estelle De Siebenthal Alt725 Since 2023 Perly shop From an early age, and under the influence of her father, a gardening enthusiast, Cléo quickly developed a passion for the plant world. After completing her compulsory schooling, she went on to take a BAC in horticulture, where she learned how to grow and care for a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants. She then familiarized herself with the world of sales, and decided to enroll at the Eyzin-le-pinet vocational school to learn the florist's trade, in addition to her initial training. After a successful apprenticeship at "Nathalie Fleurs" in Annecy, she spent a year working at "le fleuriste de Carouge" before joining our team, where she has been flourishing since September 2023. Smiling and warm, Cléo is the "sunshine" asset of our team. She will advise you with kindness and finesse on the care of all your plants, the creation of country-style bouquets and the creation of luminous and delicate mourning pieces. Cléo Lenglet